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  1. Love Thoughts
  2. Popular Medicine and the Quantistic Vision of Medicine
  3. The Discoveries of Quantum Mechanics
  4. Living in Quantum Reality
  5. The Brain, a Quantum Computer
  6. Synchronicities
  7. Quantum Intelligence
  8. Body Intelligence
  9. A Coherent Heart Activates the Diapason
  10. The “Elements” in Tibetan Medicine
  11. The Chakras in Hindu Tradition
  12. Human Scanner
  13. Why Visualize?
  14. Communication Between Thoughts and Cells, Between Transceiver Consciousness and the DNA Antenna
  15. The Language of DNA
  16. Effects of Healing Intentions on Living Tissues
  17. The “Hermitage of Our Lady of the Olive Trees”: Telluric Energies, Magnetic Fields and the Human Psyche
  18. The Archetype
  19. Meditation at the Hermitage: A Long Awareness Path
  20. Consciousness Inhabits the Body
  21. Healing Through Pure Consciousness
  22. How to Use the Mind to Move Energy: Zhineng Qigong
  23. Good Morning, Wellness
  24. Healing with the Pitagoric Table: An Example af a Mental Exercise to Promote Healing
  25. Healing with Colour Vibrations
  26. Psychic Healing
  27. Spiritual Healing
  28. An Alchemic Transmutation Laboratory for Cellular Rigeneration
  29. The Heart’s Biological Repair
  30. Informed Water and Cellular Communication
  31. Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) Get Heart Better
  32. Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) Acute Stress Management
  33. Destructive and Constructive Entropy
  34. How BQH Works


The “Help Relationship” in Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) can be understood as a relationship in which one of the two protagonists is to promote health in the other, and to achieve a more appropriate approach to the proposed end through the enhancement of personal resources. Its specificity consists in the ability to build a conscious, intentional human relationship, mastering abilities which are one and the same thing with what we really are, that is, our body, mind, and spirit, or – one might prefer to say – our matter, energy, and consciousness. The central elements of the Relationship are psychological contact, understood as an interpersonal relationship established so that empathic counseling becomes possible, and empathic resonance, that is, the ability to feel the world of the patient as one’s own, to support him/her, and to give the right “enthusiasm” to the regaining of his/her health. The Help Relationship finds its authenticity in avoiding judgments and in accepting the other, thus emphasizing our sincere interest for him/her.

“Healing does not fix something that is broken, but rather integrates parts into a whole.”

 Healing is not a point of arrival; it is a path we can choose to walk along. Healing is a permanent journey during which we may find assistance and inspiration from various allies, both on earth and in the spiritual dimension. Just like the laws that apply to art and professions, there are laws applicable to healing.

No one can heal us, but we can heal ourselves. Healing is always an internal work that may seem like a task performed by others. However, we always have to make the decision to accept change.A healer working with other people on their way to healing is simply someone who is opening up areas of consciousness where energy can flow.

Self-responsibility. A person offering healing services can be extraordinarily gifted, and s/he can work with love and integrity, but s/he is not responsible for healing another person. It may sound weird, but the healer is not responsible for someone’s healing; s/he is only willing to create the space where another person can heal: s/he can direct and sustain the healing, but is not the author of the healing itself. The real healer is always the one who asks for healing.

Non-attachment. This law applies to the person who is in the healer’s position. The healing intention must not be tied to the result because, since this is an experience that we share with another person’s self-consciousness, the latter is beyond our control.

Intention. In any kind of healing, whether we use consciousness spaces or energy flows, intention is profoundly important. “Energy flows where our intention goes”: this may be a plain quote, but it is extremely precise. In the quantum field, energy, which is pure potential, is the intention that informs waves and particles as to how to move. That is why thought builds our reality, so that our beliefs are the bricks of the way in which we perceive the world.

This book develops the theme of healing, which in itself is mysterious. As far as disease treatment is concerned, it is recommended to follow the guidelines of International Scientific Medical Societies.  




Quantum medicine studies the energetic-electromagnetic aspect of matter. A human being consists of matter and energy, indissolubly linked and transformed into one another. Scientist Fritz Albert Popp has validated the hypothesis that cells communicate with each other, as well as biochemical signals, including electromagnetic signals ranging from infrared to ultraviolet.

Each cell of our organism, through its DNA that functions as a transmitter-receiver, emits and receives signals at a certain frequency. All the cells in the body are in continuous and instantaneous communication with one another and they exchange electromagnetic messages with precise biological effects. The “three-dimensional” DNA, or Quantum DNA, represents the DNA antenna that is in contact through the cell membrane with the outside, that is, with the electromagnetic waves of the environment, thoughts and emotions that can epigenetically influence the portion of DNA blueprint predisposed to the production of proteins, hormones, enzymes, thus modifying gene expression.

Our body is therefore an extraordinary system of energies that convey information from the inside (from organs, cells, DNA, molecules, atoms, and from our subatomic constitution, consisting mainly of quarks and photons) and from the outside, from our relationship with the energies coming from the world around us.

This energy system is related to Universal Consciousness, with the Zero Point Field, or quantum vacuum. The creative energy of Zero Point Field is the place where we draw energy; it is the space of Pure Consciousness, the Sacred Space of mystical traditions, where everything is related to the One. Apparently, the Point of Zero Field is a “zone” away from us. It is actually in the “atomic” space, that is everywhere, and therefore also in our body, for example in the empty space between two thoughts.

While in classical physics we work in a space-time dimension according to the principle of causality, in quantum physics my research in medicine is carried out with the human biophysical fields that respond to the laws of resonance and take place in a dimension that we could define as “Attention”, where the principle of coherence is replaced by the principle of causality. In this case, the effects occur when the relative information signals have the same frequency or are multiples of the reciprocal frequency so as to create resonance or harmony. Quantum physics in medicine allows for the abstract synchronization of patient data with our healing information to achieve the desired results.

The conviction of the possibility of communication between thought and cell, between consciousness and the DNA antenna, the Quantum DNA, comes from Kazuo Murakami’s thought on the elaboration of the on / off genetic mechanism and Bruce Lipton’s studies on cellular biology.

I wanted to find an explanation for the fact that during Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) practice, when I intend to make a patient fall asleep, regardless of distance s/he often falls asleep in a short time. The fact happens quickly, as if my sent thought had turned off the light of consciousness and the brain waves of the patient had been suddenly replaced with slower waves, alpha, theta and delta. How is this possible? An explanation might be the following: genes are contained in the cell nucleus and all cells contain the same genes; the core is covered by a membrane, called the nuclear membrane. On the outside the cell also has a membrane, called a cell membrane.

The cell core contains desoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, the substance we call genes. DNA contains a code, which we call genetic code and which contains all the information necessary for life. DNA can be seen as a staircase, whose lateral wood slats are not straight, but form a spiral; this is due to the alternation of two molecules, a phosphate and a kind of sugar, desoxyribosio. The scale pegs are also made up of molecules that bind each other and are Adenine, which binds with Tiamin, and Guanine, which binds to Cytosine. As the sequence (01) of the computer forms the binary code that allows the wonders of computer science which we know, the same combination (ATGC) forms the genetic code, which is represented by three billion of these variously combined letters, all contained in the inner core of a single cell. If we think how many cells are in the human body, we realize the immensity of our “genetic heritage,” which performs its work each day according to the agreement between the tasks division of each cell, responding to the information received. Such information may also involve stopping working in certain situations based on accurate information and resuming running on others. This type of information is handled by “regulatory genes”, which are capable of activating or deactivating another gene according to the on / off mechanism. The latter gene is called a “structural gene”, which as we know is able to produce all the proteins necessary for life.

Proteins synthesized by regulatory genes are therefore an important element in the on / off mechanism. Why Proteins? Because the information that genes are able to give are always made after synthesizing an appropriate protein with the following mechanism. DNA contains genetic code, information. To make it operational, it has to be copied with a process called “transcription” from another substance, called ribonucleic acid, or messenger RNA. This process leads to the production of protein, substances put together by the cell, assembling twenty amino acids. Our body can produce 12 amino acids, the other 8 must be hired with nutrition and are called essential amino acids. Different proteins built on the basis of gene information do the work that each cell competes with. Since what is happening in our body is the result of chemical actions, the first requirement is to have energy available. Energy production in the human body is possible because there are protein substances called enzymes, which act as catalysts so that chemical reactions take place faster. Enzymes also have the ability to bind only with specific substances, as if they were keys only working in that particular lock. That is how thousands of chemical reactions occur simultaneously in each cell. These enzymes, constructed by structural genes, are however controlled by regulatory genes. That is to say, the regulator gene can construct a special inhibitor, called “repressor”, when combined with a part of the gene causes this to not be read by the messenger RNA, and then interrupting the synthesis of the proteins. The speed with which this happens on all affected cells is instantaneous, thus creating the on / off mechanism.

According to this action mechanism, what could happen in the aforementioned induction of sleep? In the wake-to-sleep passage, one suddenly moves from cerebral brain activity to a lower frequency, theta-delta. These electric waves are associated with chemical reactions occurring in certain brain areas, which are certainly supported by the activity of enzymes produced by structural genes, which can be deactivated, if necessary, by regulatory genes. Is it possible that vibrational electric waves, such as telepathically transmitted ones, by interacting with the cell membrane will involve the intracellular activation of regulatory genes which, by acting with the on / off mechanism, will in turn cause sleep? I think so. In this regard, however, we must go back to the research of biologist Bruce Lipton and talk about the cell membrane in more depth. What features does it present? First of all, it’s very thin, visible only to the electronic microscope. It is similar in all living things and is formed by phospholipids and proteins. The latter are called Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs) and can be divided into two functional categories: the proteins acting as “receptors” and the “effector” proteins. Receptors function as molecular nano-antennas tuned to specific environmental signals. Some of these extend from the surface within the cell membrane to monitor the intracellular environment, others extend from the surface to the outside to monitor external signals. They behave like all other proteins: they may have a more or less rigid shapes, depending on variations in electrical charge. When a receptor connects to an environmental signal, in our case the induction of sleep, it may be the thought that transmits vibration via telepathy. The resulting alteration of the protein’s electrical charges causes a change in the shape of its “spine” and the protein adopts its “active” conformation. In fact, we must remember that proteins are formed by amino acids and that the structure and behaviour of the amino acid chain, which forms the frame of the protein, resemble the spine of a snake. This consists of a large number of connected, vertebrate units, which allow the snake to take a wide range of shapes, ranging from a straight line to a concentric ball. Flexible bonds (peptide bonds) between amino acids within the “spine” of the protein allow it to take on a variety of shapes. Two main factors determine the profile of the “spine” of a protein, that is, its shape: the first is the physical model defined by the sequence of amino acids of a different shape that make up the protein itself. The second, important for the explanation of telepathic inductions, concerns the interaction of electromagnetic charges within the amino acid chain. Most amino acids have positive or negative charge and act like magnets: equal charges cause the molecules to repel, while opposing charges cause mutual attraction. The distribution of electromagnetic charges within a protein can be selectively modified by a number of processes, such as binding to other molecules of chemical compounds such as hormones or enzymes or by interference of electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields induced by telepathy may therefore be able to change protein form.

Cell membranes therefore possess receptors that tune in to each environmental signal that they need to decode. Some receptors react to physical signals, as an example we might recall the circulating estrogen receptor: when estrogen is near its receptor, this binds it as well as a magnet attracts a metal clip. Once the estrogen receptor and the estrogen molecule are perfectly matched, the electromagnetic receptor charge changes and the protein takes on its active conformation.

Receiving “antennas” can also decode energy fields such as light, sound and radio frequencies, as well as the electromagnetic waves of thought. The antennas of these energy receptors vibrate as a diapason. If an energy vibration in the environment vibrates with the same intensity as a receptor’s antenna, a resonance phenomenon will occur that will alter the electrical charge of the protein by changing shape to the receptor. Membrane receptors are able to read energy fields: this goes beyond the concept that only molecules can have an impact on cell physiology. Thinking can also be able to interfere with the biological behaviour of cells. However, receptors cannot, in turn, activate biological change. As the receptor perceives, the cell must respond adequately; this is the task of “effector” proteins. Overall, the receptor-effect complex acts as a switch, translating environmental signals into cellular behaviour. This may be the explanation of the on / off mechanism mentioned above on the regulatory genes, which “turn off the switch” by inducing sleep.





I perform Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) Good Morning Wellness every morning when I wake up, in a lying position, for about 15 minutes. I take the Vital Energy within me, according to the teachings of Zhineng Qigong. When we speak of Vital Energy, we actually abandon the cause-effect laws, typical of classical physics, where the effect is always following a cause, and enter the field of quantum physics, where we paradoxically find ourselves in an effect-cause law; that is to say, we “create the effect and the cause will follow”. In this dimension, which we may call “perceptual awareness”, effects depend on what we deeply – with our whole heart – want to get. If I can create the effect, then the cause will follow.

In order to do this, one needs to perceive the Qi and give it a direction through thought.

I always start with the simple intention of keeping good health, as well as body and mind wellness, as the best way to get one started with the day. It is first and foremost necessary to “take in the outer Qi”. This is a practice I teach in my workshops, because it is only through the perceptual awareness of the Qi that one can later work. To take in the Qi I lift my left index and middle finger upward, while keeping the other fingers closed. I then wait a few seconds and then begin to feel the vibration of the Qi in my fingertips. I feel it like a tingling, or a slight vibration. After feeling it, I use “thought movement” (as energy always follows thought) to carry the Qi to my abdomen, approximately one inch under my navel, to the point called “Dantian” according to popular Chinese Medicine – and there I concentrate it. While energy penetrates my body, I close my index and middle finger, which I used to “capture” the outer Qi. Then I lift my fingers again, so that they can “re-capture” the Vital Energy from the outside. When I then close my fingers, with my thought I make the energy penetrate my body again, and focus on the abdominal area. I perform these opening and closing movements a few times; I visualise my fingers in the blue sky when opening my fingers, and concentrate on the movement of the energy inside my body, and specifically on the areas where I want to send it, when I perform the closure movements. This practice’s secret, according to the teachings of Zhineng Qigong, is to think alternately of infinity and of what is within one’s body. The added value of Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) is the perceptual awareness of such energy, which it takes me a few minutes to teach in my workshops, by making it perceptible to student through thought. For instance, I ask a student to focus on his/her neck area, and then through thought I send him/her the Qi which was previously concentrated in my “Dantian”. The student will instantly experience a tingling, such as the feeling of a spider web lightly touching his/her neck. This is a sign that his/her perceptual awareness has grasped the movement of energy. This particular moment in experience gives birth to everything that was mentioned above. Practice amplifies experience. In Zhineng Qigong, the movement of the Qi within the body organs is used to favour the patient’s self-healing.

While practising Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) Good Morning Wellness, after gathering enough energy in my “Dantian”, I direct this energy into my body, according to a diagram taking into account some acupuncture points in the energy meridians, the various organs belonging to the physical body, the Chakras and the Subtle Bodies with which we are present at energy level.

Through the opening and closing movements mentioned above, I thus take the outer Qi, or Vital Energy, within me, so that it becomes “inner Qi”, whose free flow will serve to dissolve blocks in the body energy flow which, according to the Zhineng Qigong tradition, can manifest themselves by tensions in consciousness, related to negative emotions and stress.

If I perform BQH Good Morning Wellness during a meditation session, in a sitting position, I put my hands in front of my chest with interlocked fingers, except for the thumbs which will be lifted upwards, touching each other, in closing position. During the opening movement I will distance my thumbs from each other, until approximately one inch from each other, so that they can fully draw the outer Vital Energy. By opening my body to the outer Qi I let it flow within me, like the clear water of a mountain stream, carrying Vital Energy to all my cells. By eliminating blocks in the flow of energy, we find balance and good health and we feel fully vital. According to traditional Chinese Medicine, this process is the basis of prevention and can favour self-healing processes.

Before practising BQH Good Morning Wellness, one must create a Qi field, an energy field where energy can flow. One way to set a Qi field is to visualize one’s head as touching the blue sky, and one’s feet immersed in the part of the universe on the opposite side of the earth, so that the body fuses with the universe. Meanwhile, the mind should let go of all thoughts. I now voluntarily move the electromagnetic field of my heart, starting with the main toroid, and moving the two tori which compose it, to create a torsional field which is in contact with the torsional fields that are present in the universe. From the point of view of physics, torsional fields are information fields. The Qi field thus created is an information field.

The “achievement of wellness” is the information that I forward to my body in the morning, upon awakening. But let’s proceed with order. After taking in the outer Qi, through the experience of a “vibrating sensation” in the aforementioned fingers, and moving and collecting the Qi into my Dantian, I begin to move the Qi with my mind, following the “Diagram of the Major Energy Points”, as shown in the figure. I carry the Qi, moving it through my thought, from my Dantian (otherwise called Du Qi, as shown in the figure) to the Shan Zhong point, which corresponds to the heart area. By doing this I notice a vibration in that area, which represents the flow of the Qi, which has to flow continuously and abundantly. When I try to send the Qi to a specific part of my body, I have to follow this general rule: I have to think about the part which I want the Qi to reach, so that the Qi actually reaches that point flowing, and I have to concentrate on that point, so that I can perceive it. According to Zhineng Qigong, you do not have to deal with diseases; it is sufficient for the Qi to run free to make any disease evolve positively, whatever it is.

I then continue to send the energy along according to the diagram, until I move my thought to the Da Bao point, which is placed in the front of both armpits, and from there I take it to the Qi Hu point, placed underneath the shoulder blade, to the left first and then to the right. Then I concentrate my thought, and the energy following it, on the “third eye”, which is marked in the figure as Yin Tang. This is the point where the energy will flow, which I appreciate as a vibration in the affected area. As the process continues, I must continually return to the outer Qi with the aforementioned opening movement, appreciate it as a vibration, and take it to the area towards which my thought heads. Now I move the Qi to the top of the head, to the point marked as Bai Hui. Then I proceed to the two dimples in my skull, in the occipital bone site, which are placed bilaterally next to the median line, to the point called Yu Zhen, and then concentrate my attention on the seventh cervical vertebrae, the Da Zhui point; I then proceed using the same method to the Shen Zhu spot, in the back area of the heart, along the spine, and from there to the Ming Men point, also along the spine, just above the sacrum, in the area corresponding to the Du Qi point. I now complete my Qi path, closing it in an ideal line that has crossed the front and rear of my body, in the Hui Yin point, which is placed at perineum level, and there I let the Qi flow free.

After this first phase, I send the QI inside my body, in the organs composing it, keeping my eyes closed, as well as a relaxed body and serene mind.

According to Dr. Pang Ming, from which Zhineng Qigong draws inspiration, in the case of a disease, while we send the Qi to the affected organ, we need to visualize it as “healed.” That is how “I get the effect first, and then the cause will follow”, as previously mentioned. In the case of a known disease, affecting for instance a foot, I do not have to move the energy directly to the foot: I just need to visualise the healed foot and send the energy following the aforementioned diagrams of energy points and body organs, in the sequence taught by Dr. Pang Ming, so that self-healing can be manifested.

The practice of BQH Good Morning Wellness then continues by sending the Qi to the head and brain, and by repeating mentally that in one’s head and brain the Qi is abundant and free to flow and, in the event of an illness or disorder, the flow of Qi will restore harmony. Then I sent the Qi to my eyes, moving them and appreciating my sight becoming sharper. I then send the Qi into my nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, throat, and then into my ears, always remembering that the Qi is abundant and any hearing disorder can be solved by restoring the harmony of the flow. I then proceed by sending the Qi to my neck, thyroid, and lymph nodes, so that Qi and blood can both flow free in their respective channels. Then I move on to my back and spine, to my cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebrae, to the inside of the spinal cord, and then to my chest and lungs, always thinking that the Qi is flowing free inside of me. I then send the Qi to my heart and blood vessels, to the arteries and veins, to the stomach, to the small and large intestine, restoring harmony to the organs involved. I regularly resume the opening and closing movements to acquire the outer Qi. I send the Qi into my liver and gall bladder, to the spleen and pancreas so as to favour glycemic control, and then to my kidneys, bladder and urethra, testicles and prostate. I subsequently send the Qi to my upper limbs at the same time. I send it to the shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, hands and fingers, so that the joints can become more agile and any pain will disappear. I now send the Qi to my lower limbs at the same time. I send it to the hips, thighs, knees, legs, ankles, feet and toes, so that the joints become more agile and the muscles oxygenated, so as to make any contracture go away. Now my hands cover my navel, my left hand placed underneath my right hand; I carry the Qi back to my Dantian, and repeat to myself that the Qi is abundant and all the channels in the whole body are free.

I then proceed with Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) Good Morning Wellness by harmonizing all seven chakras, by perceiving their movements in a harmonious way as wheels running in front of the body in the known places, from the first to the seventh. If I find any anomalies in the harmony of the movement, I can always reconfigure it using the elements of Tibetan Medicine (earth, water, fire, air, space). I subsequently perceive the vibrations of the “subtle bodies” as I voluntarily concentrate on their movement for a few seconds. At first I perceive the vibrations of the etheric body; then I perceive the ever faster vibrations of the emotional body, of the mental body, and ultimately of the spiritual body. As the latter maximally vibrates, I concentrate my attention on the movement of the two tori in the heart’s electromagnetic field. When the vibration of the spiritual body resonates with the torsional field of my heart, I feel a flow of energy surrounding me from the top down, and from the back forward. I consider this energetic perception as “being inside the Flow”; this is what finally allows me to live synchronously throughout the new day.



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