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Who is Flavio Burgarella?
Flavio Burgarella is a cardiologist and physiatrist, head of the Cardiological Rehabilitation Center of San Pellegrino Terme, in the province of Bergamo, Italy, Founder and Executive Director of Heart Friedns Around The Word, (www.hfatw.org) an international association, affiliated with the World Heart Federation, whose purpose is the promotion of the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases in developing nations.

Founder and Chairman of Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) (www.burgarellaqantumhealing.org) with the aim of promoting the relationship between science and conscience.

He organized several health promotion campaigns through the practice of physical activity, including three Italian running tours in a relay race. His current hobby is agriculture and olive growing in the family estate on the hills of Lake Endine (www.agricolaburgarella.it).