The Quantum Mind

The Quantum Mind is the non-local dimension of the mind that allows us to live life as if everything were a miracle. The Quantum Mind uses awareness as the prime mover of all we know, so we live reality through all the possibilities.

However, awareness must be focused, a bundle of biophotons and biophonones that start from thought, an energetic pattern structured on intention, which is joined by the spontaneous emission of biophotons and biophones by the non-coding DNA, resulting in the consequences of the building of a further structured energetic pattern such as “to suggest” to the coding DNA, epigenetic way, the desired gene expression.

This is the quantum mind that uses the Entaglement, instant communication between two parts of the system that have been in contact because constituent parts of the system itself (we are all already interconnected in the “quantum vacuum”) the Discontinuity, as the possibility of obtaining the transformation through the “quantum leap”, without the transition between intermediate states, and the Tangled Hierarchy, which represents a state of consciousness where there is no difference between me and you, both being informed energy aware, the “sacred space” of ancient spiritual traditions.

The use of Quantum Mind will make us happy, in good health, in harmony with nature and the other inhabitants of the earth and even a little richer

La Mente Quantica è la dimensione non locale della mente che ci permette di vivere la vita come se tutto fosse un miracolo. La Mente Quantica utilizza la consapevolezza come il motore primo di tutto ciò che conosciamo, in modo da vivere la realtà attraverso tutte le esistenti possibilità.

La consapevolezza deve essere però focalizzata, un fascio di biofotoni e biofononi che partono dal pensiero, un pattern energetico strutturato sull’intenzione, che si congiunge con l’emissione spontanea di biofotoni e biofononi da parte del DNA non codificante comportando in conseguenza l’edificazione di un ulteriore pattern energetico strutturato tale da “suggerire” al DNA codificante, via epigenetica, l’espressione genica desiderata.

Questa è la mente quantica che utilizza l’Entaglement, comunicazione istantanea tra due parti del sistema che sono state in contatto perché parti costituenti del sistema stesso (tutti siamo già interconnessi nel “vuoto quantico”) la Discontinuità, come la possibilità di ottenere la trasformazione attraverso il “salto quantico”, senza il passaggio tra stati intermedi, e la Gerarchia Intrecciata, che rappresenta uno stato di coscienza dove non vi è differenza tra me e l’altro da me, essendo entrambi energia informata consapevole, lo “spazio sacro” delle antiche tradizioni spirituali.

L’utilizzo della Mente Quantica ci renderà felici, in buona salute, in armonia con la natura e gli altri abitanti delle terra e anche un po’ più ricchi.

Interview with Flavio Burgarella by Emanuele Cangini

From the point of view of the quantum physics we are all aware informed energy, able to make the quantum leap of healing.

One phrase in particular struck me about your book, Burgarella Quantum Healing: “Just as Consciousness speaks, DNA writes”. It seems to assume not only the appearance of a warning, it even seems to exhort the reader, almost to want to invite him, to wear the clothes of a sort of “scribe”, engaged in writing a new chapter in the infinite book of science. Did I understand well?
In ancient times the scribe was mainly concerned with the writing and the faithful copying of the texts in order to preserve and pass on the writer’s thought. He was a man of culture and therefore of power, a link between two different worlds: that of illiteracy and that of those who knew. I believe that this corresponds to the intention of the book, of scientific divulgation to be understood by the reader. The spirit of the game is essential to understand how the principles of quantum physics, including Entanglement, Discontinuity and Tangled Hierarchy can be transferred into practice and even the most enlightened scientists have fun. “Just as Consciousness speaks, DNA writes” opens us to the experience of the quantum teleportation of information that can lead to a possible modification of gene expression. It is the search for the influence of the mind on matter that starts from practice, the resumption of a new empiricism in science, otherwise not comprehensible to the theoretical state. How will DNA respond to information? I like to think that it can encode hundreds of microRNAs (miRNAs), that is, small endogenous molecules of single-stranded non-coding RNA. These are polymers encoded by nuclear DNA of about twenty nucleotides. They are active in the regulation of gene expression, in particular in silencing a wide range of transcripts resulting from the expression of many genes. I am convinced that it is on this ability to produce miRNAs that can affect the human mind, involving a modification of miRNAs produced and causing diseases, such as the miRNA 155 involved in rheumatoid arthritis or inducing the production of new miRNAs for healing , always through a modification of gene expression. Are we writing pages with non-erasable ink? Only linear time will tell it. The time of transformation has already said its own.

The acronym BQH summarizes your patented research methodology: can you explain better what it is?
BQH stands for Burgarella Quantum Healing, where Burgarella is the surname of my family. Quantum Healing is the practice in which the observer has the potential to modify the observed object. Which is equivalent to saying that by using the devices of quantum physics, healing is no longer just self-healing. I wanted to link my name to a technology of conscience, where the principle of causality, of the cause – effect does not exist, but the principle of resonance and coherence, in which we do not work in the space-time dimension, but in the dimension of attention . All this starts from the “rediscovery” of the perceptive sense of vibration, which characterizes human biomagnetic fields. I teach it in my workshops, perceiving with human hands the human biomagnetism, which we can also define in terms of chakras and subtle bodies.

My work of transformation is based on the Vedic principle that perception is the manifestation, and also that, according to the biologist Bruce Lipton, perception is the belief.

The peculiarity, which is also the initiation to the method, consists in perceiving the vibration of the magnetic field of the heart, which I move voluntarily in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. All my students, without distinction, in a short time are able to perceive the variations of the magnetic field of the heart at the level of the palm of their hand, through the mechanism of resonance and coherence. Later they know how to build, with the intent, a healing plan for themselves and for others. I believe that this field of the heart, which we can appreciate at a considerable distance, is not the electromagnetic field of the heart, the known toroid that derives from the electrical activity of the heart itself, recorded by the electrocardiogram. I believe I am interpreting another magnetic field, always in the heart, which is based on the paramagnetic properties of deoxyhemoglobin, that is, of the hemoglobin that has given oxygen to the tissues and that returns with the venous blood to the right heart. It is possible that the field in question being a torsion field and therefore information, is formed by two elements. One is the amount of deoxyhemoglobin present at the right atrium level before the systole, of the atrial contraction. The other is the amount of deoxyhemoglobin present in the right ventricle after the atrial systole. This is a field not yet known, but I am sure it will become an important research area for those involved in biomagnetism. It is possible that it has a relevant role in resonance with the paramagnetic oxygen present in the air, in order to use the quantum teleportation of information. BQH uses many techniques related to the “Science of Consciousness”, including the analogical dialogue with the unconscious and the transformation, entering into spaces of consciousness, like the awareness of nothingness that is equivalent to the awareness of the whole. My work of transformation is based on the Vedic principle that perception is the manifestation, and also that, according to the biologist Bruce Lipton, perception is belief. Therefore, if we change the belief and the perception with BQH we can change the manifestation, obtaining with intention the quantum leap of the infinite possibilities.

How do you manage to fit your cardiologist dimension with the new founding criteria of quantum physics?
It is not difficult at all. I explained it in the first pages of my book: “The book develops the theme of healing, which in itself is mysterious. Regarding the treatment of diseases it is recommended to follow the guidelines of the International Scientific Medical Societies “. It is therefore not my interest to dissert on allopathic or unconventional medicine, just as I think it is correct to speak of quantum physics in medicine and not of quantum medicine. Medicine is only one, the one at the
service of the patient, using all our knowledge with science and conscience to promote the restoration of health and harmony. As the Head of a Cardiological Rehabilitation Department, I do not have the worry of treatment like my colleagues in Hemodynamics or Coronary Unit. Patients who come to our rehab center after a heart attack or a cardiac surgery are already following the best available treatment today. But I have an important task: I have to do my best to learn how to live after the illness, accepting all the teachings that the latter has brought with it, in order not to fall back. I have to optimize the healing process in them with enthusiasm. This interpretation of my role allowed me a few years ago to speak without difficulty, in a packed hall to the Order of the M.D. of Bergamo (Italy), the role of meditation in the healing process.

Reading your book it is impossible not to notice how the concept of “Therapeutic Meditation” has a role of fundamental importance in the patented therapy practice you have. Can you better explain what are its salient features?
By accepting the fact that body, mind and spirit are equivalent to matter, energy and consciousness we realize that from the point of view of the physics of how many we are all “informed aware energy”; there is therefore no difference between me and the other from me. Meditation is a process in which consciousness knows itself. We can consider it as a journey, a journey inside us to reach a goal that is healing, the recovery of harmony, the state of health. In this perspective meditation is therapeutic. I can not realize myself with meditations in solitude, but only if they are aimed at solving the physical and mental pain of those who are suffering. I began the journey with the study and practice of Sat Nam Rasayan, a precise and determined state of awareness that occurs in our neutral, meditative mind.

By accepting the fact that body, mind and spirit are equivalent to matter, energy and consciousness we realize that from the point of view of the physics of how many we are all “informed aware energy “.

By learning to know the experience of the present moment, of everything that at that moment passes through the mind and to accept it without judging, I use a sensory process that little by little introduces me into a particular state of consciousness. It transcends the ordinary consciousness, the “sacred space” to which the ancient traditions referred. I can connect with the patient’s consciousness which is my own consciousness. If at that moment I feel and accept my physical sensations, I can influence possible tensions in the patient’s consciousness and, accepting them without judging, help them overcome them. They are the higher vibrations, those of the love that does not resist, that help in the healing process.

I have the feeling that, in the lines of your work, reflections emerge of strong Buddhist appeal (non-attachment) combined with weightings of rooted Christian value (“fideistic” matrices in the healing processes), coagulated following the Jungian criteria of the collective unconscious and of synchronic thought. What is the connecting wire?
The connecting thread is healing, which concerns man in his totality, in his universal dimension. In my seminars, I do not care at all if my students believe what I say. I invite them to believe only in their perceptions, in what they are able to perceive, developing the perceptive sense that intercepts vibrations. According to neurosciences, the Insula is the brain region that allows bodily perceptions to emerge from consciousness. The perceptive sense is the awareness of the subjective experience at the level of the palms of the hands, one “qualia” for the Science of Consciousness. It is perceived by adopting the “second attention”, which we develop when we give up the attribution of a meaning, substituting it with direct experience, which can not be attributed to any measure of reality. I move the magnetic field of the heart clockwise and counterclockwise according to my will, with a movement of thought. I appreciate this movement at the level of the palms of my hands, because in that seat, in the palm chakra, there is the perception of the field of the heart, a quantum field of torsion that conveys information. When the circular movement is harmonic it carries harmonic information, other perceived movements indicate to me that the situation is disharmonic. On this basis one believes, because it happens on one’s own skin. Perception then favors the use of consciousness techniques that can lead to quantum healing, processing atoms to assemble molecules. From this thread each will then use their beliefs to improve the healing path; religious beliefs, social, psychological, behavioral, from which I have differently drawn to facilitate the journey on the path just mentioned.

The reconditioning of all physical phenomena into an interference pattern implies that the mind not only has the capacity to process information, but also plays an active role in creating them and making them objective.

Clairvoyance, telepathy, extrasensory perceptions: only romantic digressions or possible frontiers of genetic-human evolution?
Davin Bohm, for me the principal thinker of quantum physics, believes that consciousness is the most subtle form of matter responsible for the construction of space and time, so as to create perceptible realities by acting on their generating principle. Matter is present and constantly related to the space that is not empty, but full, since all the particles that make up the matter are also waves and the objects that appear to be materials are made up of patterns of interference. Bohm questions the traditional concept of time. Like space, even the past and the future would be illusory, as co-present with the present. It is commonly accepted that if we act in the present we will have an effect on the future; it is not so intuitive to say that an action in the present also acts on the past. Yet the past has not passed, but co-present with the present. Physically speaking, only the present exists. There are therefore two wave functions, that of the equation of the past and that of the equation of the future, which meet in a single point, the present, which is the only geometric solution of virtual reality. This point “stands” where the consciousness is. If the consciousness moves into the past, it becomes present, since it is at that point that the two wave equations are added together; if it moves into the future, it is the present that consciousness brings with it. The reconditioning of all physical phenomena into an interference pattern implies that the mind not only has the capacity to process information, but also plays an active role in creating them and making them objective. When with BQH I enter the consciousness state of the awareness of nothingness, in the space between two thoughts, equal to the awareness of the whole, I can bring the consciousness exactly to the desired space-time point. Understanding this, extrasensory perceptions are nothing but awareness of an expansion of consciousness, to be improved with practice.

The “Hermitage of the Expansion of Consciousness” is your current home. What motivated you to retire to a place that was in some respects so defiled?
Years ago I asked my wife what she wanted as a present for her birthday and she answered … a forest! Does this seem like a normal answer from a lady in her forties? From there began the whole adventure that led me to change. I found a place above Lake Endine, in Bianzano, in the province of Bergamo, Italy where I currently reside, surrounded by woods where probably Celtic populations had built their sanctuaries. There is a waterfall of over 30 m that according to the druids gives the characteristics of a place of worship. Nearby I built a chapel and commissioned a fresco with a Marian image that I called “the Madonna of the Olives”, seen as the olive grove was flourishing. We set up the “Azienda Agricola Burgarella” in a farm that houses a hermitage, home to the Science and Consciousness Center of Burgarella Quantum Healing, where retreats are held by members of BQH. In the ground are placed erratic boulders left by the last moraine of the Adamello glacier. It is known that the magnetic energy of the earth flows at a certain depth with respect to the surface and the presence of a rock is sufficient to give rise to a magnetized area. The energy that vibrates generating these magnetic fields, even if coming from telluric currents, is of the same kind as that coming from human thought: it could be called psycho-magnetic energy, which allows us to feel a true and profound relationship with the earth and to be in tune with our moods. The first time I stopped under the walnut trees and the centuries-old chestnut trees that grow here, I had the feeling of being in a place that arouses peace and serenity and these emotions still hold me back here.